Pivot & Profit Workshop

After this live 3 hour training, you'll have the perfect workshop topic, name, and tagline, an entire launch calendar, and the framework to sell it before you create it so you can have money in the bank in 2 weeks or less.

That's right, a workshop where you create your own workshop... I know, very meta.ūüėČ

Did COVID impact your business? Did it make your income drop, and sales fall flat?

 Stop worrying, and start adapting.  

You’re in a perfect position to pivot your current services or offerings into a brand new workshop your audience wants and needs. Pivot & Profit will set you up with the launch plan you need to make it happen.

A live workshop is the best way to help your audience during the pandemic.

The key is, you need the right topic… or it won’t sell.

This live workshop will give you a clear concept for your workshop and a day-by-day plan to create and launch it. We will:

  • identify the perfect idea for your new profitable live workshop.
  • use my "Dig Deep" framework to determine what your audience really needs right now.
  • validate your idea with my framework, making sure it's what they actually want (aka. the key to successfully selling with confidence)!
  • schedule your entire launch (emails and social media posts) using the exact calendar me and my clients use to have 5 figure launches.
  • follow my MVP method to sell your workshop before you create it so you waste no time and start making money ASAP!
  • plan your 12 month launch calendar, including relaunching your workshop, and creating and launching new products and workshops!

This live and recorded workshop is easy to follow, so you can quickly launch the perfect product… before your competition does.

Is Pivot & Profit right for you?

pop quiz time

  • I've to create a digital product, but I didn't get far...
    ... it was too overwhelming, and too time consuming.
  • I'm just starting my business...
    ... is it really time to start selling a digital product?
  • My business isn't making enough money...
    ... but I don't have the hours to spend with 1:1 coaching.
  • I'm waiting to make a digital product until my social media hits # of followers...
    ... instead of actually helping the people who want my help right now.
  • I feel guilty selling to my audience right now...
    ... but I still need to pay my bills.
  • I could do so much to help people right now...
    ... but they can't afford my services anymore.
  • I have no idea what I'd create for my audience...
    ... or how to do it.

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, this workshop is perfect for you! You’ll gain clarity and leave with a full day-by-day plan to create and launch your own perfect workshop.¬†

This workshop is perfect for any business owner, whether you’re just starting out, or you’re making six-figures. This is a process you can use to validate, create, and launch your own workshop¬†now, and in the future as well.¬†

Pivot & Profit Workshop

August 8th at 1 PM CST

Pop Quiz



  • The 'Perfect Pivot Process'
  • 'Concept Clarity'
  • Build Your Authority Bio (no need for credentials)


  • Selling Before Creating
  • Validation Plan
  • Secrets to Selling in the Wellness Industry


  • Profit Predictor Formula
  • Strategic Pricing
  • Ideal Format for Your Workshop
  • Schedule your Day-By-Day Creation & Launch Plan
  • 12 month Launch Calendar for future launches

A recording will be sent to all registrants after the workshop.

Pssst… your competition is postponing their launches.
The time is perfect for you to create and launch a workshop your community truly needs.
What are you waiting for?!

You're probably thinking...

"I know I should create a digital product, but..."

“how do I decide if it should be an ebook, a course, or a group program?”

“is my idea good? Will people buy it?”

“I’m overwhelmed just thinking about what I need to do to create it.”

“I don’t have a certification, so I should get that first.”

“I’ll never have success, I don’t even have 1,000 followers on Instagram.”

“a global pandemic is not the time to launch anything new.”

If any of these resonate, you’re holding yourself back.

No matter where you’re starting from, you have everything to gain from this workshop.

Let's do this!

During this 3 hour workshop, you’ll identify the perfect workshop to create and launch right now (like… yesterday).

We’ll¬†create your entire launch calendar¬†(including social media posts & emails to send), and learn the framework for how to¬†sell it before you create it so you can have money in the bank in 2 weeks or less.

Don't Wait! Price goes up in:


$ 49
  • 3 hour live workshop on August 8th
  • Day-by-Day creation and launch plan
  • 12 month launch calendar (for re-launches and new products and workshops you'll create in the future in the future!)
  • 4 month access to the recording