Nutrition + Wellness Courses

Autoimmune Accomplice

The complete blueprint to make the Autoimmune Protocol a complete success.  What if it were actually possible to be completely free of your autoimmune symptoms just 60 days from now?

Detox Your Life

Detox your body, home, & diet with one simple framework you’ll use for the rest of your life… 

for less than the cost of your electric bill.

Programs for Wellness​ Entrepreneurs

Social Story Selling

This course gives you everything you need to make sales, increase income, and boost engagement with a fool-proof strategy for Instagram stories… including daily marketing scripts for social media!

Wellness Course Academy

Wellness Course Academy teaches you the new way to create an online course. It’s better, faster, and fool-proof so you can get your course created and launched, and make money while you sleep.

I believe in making wellness accessible - affordable, approachable, and fun.

I also believe in taking naps. 😘

I’m Anne Marie, a Nutritionist who loves teaching others how to customize a diet that helps them heal their body and their relationship to food.

I’m also a Business Coach who teaches Wellness Entrepreneurs how to turn their Passion into Profit. Learn more how you can create a profitable wellness business at my other website,

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